Giving back

You do not always realize the luxury of holidays, however a trip, big or small, is not obvious for everyone. A growing group of people hardly ever go on holiday and those people as well deserve a couple of days away to rest and relax.

“Going away for a couple of days: you wish that for everyone right?
Only for some this stays an unfulfilled wish”

By booking at chambres d’hôtes Danou you can “give back” to people in a less fortunate place or who are going through a tough period. We set aside a small part of our revenue to offer people who need it a short holiday.

Who do you wish Danou?

By any chance, do you know anyone that:

  • is having a dip because of any unfortunate circumstances?
  • just got fired and needs some energy to go down new roads?
  • is sick or continuously busy with informal care?
  • does not have the financial means for a holiday?
  • needs peace and quiet to recharge their battery because of past events?

During your stay you can provide us with the personal information of this person, together with a short motivation why you would like him or her (with partner / friend) to have a short holiday with us. We will select several guests to fulfil this wish and invite them for a short but memorable holiday at Danou.

This way your stay at Danou will become even more valuable!