Danou is finally open, the first guests are enjoying their stay

Since the 9th of June – the day France finally allowed tourists again – chambres d’hôtes Danou is officially open. Two days later the first guests from Holland arrived, by bike. Meanwhile, bookings are coming in step by step, and it is nice to see both family and friends and unknown guests know where to find us.

Enjoying to the fullest
It is great to experience positive reactions from our guests regarding the area and our house. They are enjoying the pleasant mix of nature, culture, and the area’s history. An area that unmistakeably breaths the French atmosphere, and that only a few hours by car from Holland. There is a reason this part of France belongs to the Parc Regional des Ardennes.

Do you also want to enjoy a stay at Danou? Make your reservation now via the website, we still have rooms available for the upcoming weeks.

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