cancellation policy

You booked a stay at chambres d’hôtes Danou and are looking forward to enjoying your time in the beautiful and peaceful La Férée and the French Ardennes. However, due to circumstances this is not possible for you anymore and, unfortunately, you need to cancel you booking. Please contact us by phone or email as soon as possible.

We apply the following cancellation terms:

• Free cancellation if you cancel no later than two weeks in advance; you receive a refund of the full amount
• In case of cancellation in the last two weeks before your arrival until a day before; you need to pay 50% of the booking amount
• In case of cancellation on the day of your arrival or during your stay (if you booked a multiple day stay) you need to pay the full amount

Cancelling your stay because of corona

If you need to cancel your stay due to the travelling limitations related to COVID, you will get the full amount (or prepayment) refunded.